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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 pm - Notice to Job Candidate Screeners
This is for all of those who are reading this as prospective employers, considering me as an employee. I don't hide this journal, so I know you can easily find me with even the simplest internet search of my name.

I just wanted to save you the time and trouble of searching this journal, trying to see if I would post anything that you may think makes me a poor employee. There are two types of posts that employers would typically search for to weed out candidates. At least from my perspective.

First, you will be looking for anything I may have written that denigrates the company I was working for. That makes total sense. You don't want to hire someone who doesn't take their complaints to you but rather tries to hash them out with public assaults. I understand that, and you won't find anything like that here.

Second, you will be looking for things that make me look like someone who doesn't make good choices in life. These are the "questionable" posts, the posts that may contain drinking or drug use or nudity or just simple stupid behavior. It's the search for these posts that make me question your ability to be an effective employer, and if you are looking for these kinds of posts, you may as well eliminate me from your search. I don't want to work for you.


It's simple.

I'm a human. And you are looking for people who never make mistakes. You are looking for a person who always has 100% perfect judgment with respect to their future selves. You are looking for someone who can look back on their past and say "I never did anything wrong, ever!" In fact, I'd say you are looking for someone who isn't you.

If you can honestly say you have done nothing wrong - if you can tell me that you never dinged a car in a parking lot and drove off without leaving a note, if you can tell me that you put your shopping cart back correctly every time, if you can tell me that you never mutter under your breath at the person in front of you in the checkout line, if you can tell me that you have never taken the change when the cashier gave you too much, if you can tell me you never avoided anyone's phone calls - then you are a much better person than I am, obviously working at a much better company with values too saintly for me to live up to.

But if you are honest about who you are, and about who all people are, then there's no point in looking any further in my journal. Just call me, and see if I am a good fit as an employee based on my skills as a writer.
1st-Aug-2016 09:38 am - Updated Nobel Prize Winners list
I finished Rudolf Eucken's (winner, 1908) Ethics and Modern Thought. It's a collection of lectures that are severely disappointing. I did manage to keep this one paragraph:

It is the essence of all deep religions, especially of Christianity, that a new life is created in man by a revelation of the Divine by means of a direct union of the soul with God. This new life is held to be superior to the complexity of existing conditions, and is sure to triumph, because it is founded in God. A source of life is thus opened up, which imparts new activity to the life hitherto stagnant. Man regains courage and confidence, because he feels himself sustained by divine strength and love. No contradiction in the world of external realities is now able to weaken man's inner certainty.

The rest of the lectures are just him trying to describe that ethics is larger than religion but religion is a necessary component and blah blah blah. If it were a different philosopher, or wrote slightly differently, then I might think of Religion and God as expressions beyond the Christian idea. But Eucken is clearly a Calvinist.

That said, look at the above writing and apply Christianity and God and the like to something else. Like math. it's a generalizable sense of place. Almost like a sutra.

Not sure who I will read next. But I am getting through these last few much better than I expected.

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27th-Jun-2016 10:38 am - Updated Nobel Prize Winners list
Since the last entry I read two more authors, which puts me at 100.

I read some essays by Henri Bergson (winner, 1927). Bergson is a rare (2-3 depending on how you define it) philosopher who won in Literature. You can find works of his in philosophy but there are also less academic, more straightforward essays he's written.hey're available on Gutenberg. I don't necessarily recommend Bergson unless you're into early essays.

I also read The Emperor of Portugallia by Selma Lagerlöf (winner, 1909). She won for her book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, a book so entrenched in Swedish culture that Nils, a fictional character, is on the 20 krona bill. Emperor of Portugallia, though, is more melancholy, more in line with most Scandinavian stories of family told from the point of view of the parents. The main character (Jan, the "Emperor") is based on a real person, Joshua Norton, also known as Emperor Norton I of the United States, Protector of Mexico.

It is, as I said, filled with familial love and realizations of what happiness is too late. There are some bumps (Lagerlöf writes in this book as if she isn't sure this is a children's book or a novel for adults), but the final quarter of the book ramps up the emotion and ties you into the gifts of love. It is a story not unlike Silverstein's The Giving Tree.

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13th-Jun-2016 10:08 am - Updated Nobel prize Winners list
I finished Mikhail Sholokhov's (winner, 1965) And Quiet Flows The Don this weekend. It doesn't stand out to me, but then no Russian novel really does. Everyone's an asshole, everyone treats everyone else (or in one or two cases, themselves) like complete garbage. But then the book, the first of a substantial series, details the lives of Cossacks in the run-up to civil war, then the revolution, then WWI.

I don't particularly recommend it, but then it's not awful either.
With this I have 14 works left. I'm not sure what I'll read next. I am not looking forward to Mommsen (1902), whose literary work is a massive massive MASSIVE history of Rome.

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14th-Mar-2016 07:09 pm - Updated Nobel Prize winners list
I finished two plays by Jacinto Benavente (winner, 1922). They were well-written and well-constructed but thick, and are very much mired in their time. And not in a quaint, endearing way. But they still show talent, and a willingness to go to novel-like density in a play that is, after the sparseness of much modern playwriting, refreshing.

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16th-Dec-2015 08:36 pm(no subject)
I know I haven't written anything in a while.
I just really don't have much to say.
26th-Nov-2015 12:36 am - Thanksgiving
I am thankful for the love and support of all of my friends and family, those near and far, those close, and merely known.

I am thankful for the ability to make a living from my creativity and intellect.

I am thankful for my home.

I am thankful for Jazz clubs, even though I may never go to one. I am thankful to have that option of enjoying one, and the option to not enjoy one. I am thankful for people who love urban life, for they make moving to the country much easier. I am thankful for huge cities that beg me to visit, and never ask why when I chose to leave to go to a much quiter life.

I am thankful for cell phones and the ‘off’ buttons they come with.

I am thankful for lacrosse, referees, 'cheater' goalie box sticks, legpads, cross-checks, dropping gloves, air Gaits, behind the back passes, hard checks into the boards, and still yelling while you're pushed into the penalty box.

I am thankful for football, cheerleaders, point spreads, back-door covers, last-second desperation shots, flea-flickers, the Cover 2 defense, option plays, two-point conversions, marching bands, and the fans in the stands who paint their faces.

I'm thankful for “leaving it on the field.”

I am thankful for dice rolls, turns of the card, bright flashing lights, and the ability to walk away from it all just as easily as I walk to it.

I am thankful for art, music, movies, street theater, plays, and other forms of avoiding earning a so-called honest day’s work. I am thankful that I can occasionally avoid earning a living in such a fashion. I am thankful for public access television lurking behind the DVD I’m currently watching on my screen.

I am thankful for doctors’ advice I never completely adhere to, dentists’ admonitions to brush and floss more, and other people nagging me to do what’s right for my health and my body, even if I don’t do it.

I am thankful I can wake up every day and enjoy who I am.
24th-Oct-2015 11:13 pm - Man dig this
Good Vibes Einstein
I've always been writing poetry but for some reason this past week I've been especially productive. I'm submitting lots of places lately, so maybe I'll get more stuff published soon.

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